The Simplest And Easiest Ways To Keep your Skin Look Healthy and Young

It takes time to improve your skin appearance; it takes several cumulative actions to make your skin look healthy and younger.

So, start today with these easy, simple ways to take care of your skin.

  1. Eat right. Fresh homemade food, full of fruits and vegetables. Good diet practice will prevent your body to accumulate toxins and fats, will help your body easily get rid of them.
  2. Clean environment. Although we do not have a big control of it, we can strive for having pollution free, harmful chemical free water and air on Earth. Here are some recommendation from the EPA, what we can do to prevent pollution.
  3. Minimize damage to your skin from hot water, especially water with chlorine. Taking less showers, with water temperature a bit cooler then usual, will prevent your skin to be exposed less to chlorine; the warmer the water, the more your skin absorbs chlorine and other chemicals in water and soap. Hot water makes your skin age faster. Here are some articles on negative effect of chlorine to the skin
  4. Use natural and preferably organic skin care products. Our skin is the largest organ in our body.Skin absorbs everything. Whatever you apply to your skin eventually will be getting into your blood. If you are not willing to eat the skin care product, you should not apply them to your skin.
  5. If you use makeup, make sure to remove it every evening. Let you skin rest and breath during night time. You will feel your skin looking fresh and younger.
    We suggestAviv Evening Rinse 100% organic product
  6. Smoking damages your skin, makes your skin look dry, wrinkled, and old.
  7. Clean your skin with safe natural cleanser. Exfoliation refreshes your skin’s surfaces and brightens your appearance as it removes dead cells from the surface of your skin. But if you exfoliate too often or too aggressively, you risk damaging living cells. So, twice a week will be sufficient. Try Tishrei, natural face cleansing maskmade from the organically grown herbs of Judean Desert in Israel near Dead Sea.
  8. Do not rub the skin. Stretching skin makes it look wrinkled.
  9. There is no overnight success. It takes one to three months to see changes.


In biblical, Talmudic and medieval times, it was not unusual for the empires that ruled Israel’s soil to exploit the healing properties of trees and plants indigenous to the country. Now, over the last decade, a growing number of Israeli researchers and companies are rediscovering these ancient herbal formulas and repackaging them as healthy natural alternatives to synthetic brand name, skin care and hair products.

In the Judean desert, Herbs of Kedem, specializes in plants cultivated in a very specific desert region: the dunes located between the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth, and the cool Hebron hills. Research conducted by Dr. Nissim G. Amzallag, the company’s founder, has shown that these plants contain compounds that allow them to adapt to the harsh and extreme climates of the region.

The Hebrew Kedem means “antiquity” but also “forward”- and the idea of the name is that ancient remedies will be the basis for the remedies of the future. Herbs of Kedem’s researcher, Isabelle Haim, a biotechnologist, has succeeded to combine Dead Sea minerals with antiseptic local plants to create powerful anti-aging creams without any synthetic stabilizers or preservatives. These creams bear biblical names related to their purpose:

MESHI- a rich facial serum for dry skin, meaning Silk in Hebrew, and indeed a silky texture is created by it

TSUKIM- a rich anti-wrinkle balm, applies the astringent features of desert shrubs to create amazing Botox-like natural lifting of wrinkled skin. It means “cliffs” in Hebrew.

TISHREI is a gentle scrub for aging skin, containing rapidly absorbed oils and shredded jojoba seeds, rich in nourishing proteins. A weekly scrub with it creates wonderful results. (In Hebrew, Tishrei is the first month of the year- a symbol of skin regeneration).

AVIV, “spring” in Hebrew, is a cleanser for the skin, and BOKER, “morning” in Hebrew, helps tone aging skin right after the skin becomes loose at night.

The skin & body therapy line includes: MACCABIM oil, an extremely powerful treatment for scars, bruises, keloids, sprains, pigmentation, burns, eczema, atopic dermatitis. Maccabim is 7 times more powerful than Aloe-Vera, and a first-aid must for any home. Its first-aid aspect is the reason for its name- the MACCABIM were ancient heroes that saved the Holy Land from Syrian invasion.

REGALIM, meaning “legs” and festivals of pilgrimage to Jerusalem, is a balm for feet, nails & cuticles, using the powerful ingredients of MACCABIM.

MAZOR, meaning relief and healing, is a must for chapped feet, athlete foot, jock itch, and together with MEDBAR oil (meaning desert), it treats psoriasis.

TOVA, meaning the good salve, supplements MACCABIM for eczema-affected skin.

SEPHORRIS, stemming from Nail in Hebrew, applied powerful Hyssop species to treat nail fungus.

BARKAN, stemming from Knee in Hebrew, provides relief for arthritis of joints, and helps improve motion of joints and slow down deformation.

In the company’s study fields, several endemic strains of herbs grow wild, among them oregano, lavender, mint, thyme, and sage. Their oils and extracts make up the main ingredients in the company’s wide range of products. All plants are grown organically and hand-picked for production.
Herbs of Kedem has established itself as one of Israel’s leaders in the field of natural skin care in part because of the purity of its products and ingredients.


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